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Extraordinary Forever


Extraordinary Journey

From our first expedition to K2 all the way to the Games in Grenoble. From the Paninari movement to a revolution in Milano. From creating a forest in NYC, to a trip around The Sun, to The Moon, through The Snow, to The Opera and back again. From the smallest stages to the highest mountains. From redefining The Unexpected to living in The Now. From Our Planet to Infinity.

We are Extraordinary Forever.
This film features the work of many Moncler collaborators, including: Paolo Aralla, Cai - Club Alpino Italiano, Thierry Donard, Florian Johan, Harley Weir, Golgotha, Matt Baron, Thomas Lohr, Paul Clements, Cass Bird, Justin Thomas Ostensen, Florian Fisher, Alexander Ingham Brooke, Sebastien Grousset, Tommaso Ottomano, Thibaut, Grevet, NSS Factory, Eddie Whelan, Luca Guadagnino, Chris Colls, Mother Media, Tim Walker & Emma Dalzell- Khan, Leslie Zhang, Alex Webb, Dan Tobin Smith, More And, More, Kinari, Tomochika Komoriya, Amber Grace, Dan Tobin Smith, Gabriele Maggio, Gary Horton, Byron Rosero. And many more.

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